By 2040: Paris a desert, China uninhabitable.

More Apocalypse forecasting:

The earth, according to Gaia theory, would self-adjust to all the pollution and damage we have done. The Sahara desert would spread to central Europe, covering Paris, and China’s industrialization would result in pollution that kills all its crops and plants. The Chinese would move on to mining in Africa to escape their inhabitable land; Americans would move to Canada, Russians to Siberia, polar bears would become grizzlies. England (being the land the theorist is from) would be the only country not affected by the growing desert as an island country but would suffer some flooding. All else is left to the survival of the fittest. Here’s the original article:

We’re all doomed! 40 years from global catastrophe – and there’s NOTHING we can do about it, says climate change expert

Challenge ahead: Rising sea levels will threaten central London by 2040, says Lovelock


I personally believe that, as quoted by Stan Marshall in South Park, Creation is the why and Evolution is the how of life. I believe the chance of the Big Bang resulting in such complex organisms and intellectual beings (not just humans, but dolphins, pigs, primates, parrots) is too slight. Possibly there have been numerous Big Bangs in the universe but the one that resulted in us just happened to work, but the chance is too slight for me to believe. I would rather turn to a spiritual Force who started this and evolution took over, thus the ‘scientific proofs’ we observe. Creationists may contest the billions of years that scientific theory bring up as contradictory to the short history of the Bible, but like that popular joke: to God, a million years is just a second. And that’s just my slight piece of thought.

Plus, my Australian social studies teacher predicted this in 2001. He taught me how to sneak up on kangaroos too.


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