Doe Ray Me Far Sew

I believe when a room full of people begin singing or chanting in unison, it is a magical moment.
I had taken Choir class as elective in high school, and had an hour of chapel every week – from grade 3 to 12 – when I sang hymns and gospel music. I am not religious now, but whenever I remember those songs and begin humming it, I feel positive. In my psychology intro class, one of the first things a prof did was make the class of 500+ students sing in round (Mary had a little Lamb). It turned out to be a trick (on compliance and obedience, see Stanley Milgram’s famous experiment). It really broke the ice, and I loved the prof.
Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to play Rockband. It isn’t legitimate music, but it feels so good being close to creating music again. I had fun playing every single instrument. I believed that I can tackle playing a real set of drums after playing a song from Disturbed. I’ve only heard about Disturbed once – when a guitar/bass/drums playing friend (I guess a rocker?) showed me the CD (back in the days when people still bought them). The cover and disc art gave me a sense of what type of music it was… and I’m speaking as a bubblegum pop and ballads kinda person. I feel so impressed with myself! (Yeah it was just in easy mode, whatever, shut up.)

Singing does have wonderful powers. Don’t go to a shrink — just sing!!

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