Best Friggin’ Episode in a loooonngg while!!

Guys – if you’re heterosexual, you can scroll to the next entry now.

Gossip Girl – Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Season 2 Episode 22)
Just when I thought Gossip Girl has officially picked up not only the character and cyclical plots of The OC but also the amount of excitement in being roadkill, it resuscitated itself! Yay! Turn away from that light at the end of the tunnel that is Mischa Barton’s headbands!

There is finally depth and excitement in this episode. All the twists and turns and realistic decisions made! Did they just hire a psychologist? It’s like the screenwriter and director had a reality check: Are our characters being too dramatic? Are they making 180 degree personality changes too often? Are we forcing the characters into committing too much incest?? Is every fucking body going to end up in one family!?

Ok, details without giving away the plot. I am so glad they finally decided to inject some personality into Nate, even though it makes him do a 180. The reason is believable, but I think he could pull it back a bit. I think Nate looks hotter evil :) One reality check!

Oh Blair, I’ve got so much love for Leighton. For a moment, her voice inside the vehicle was so deep and mature, that’s when I realized I see so much potential in Leighton as an actor. I understand she’s supposed be the shit-stirrer of the show, so I understand her erratic schemes. She managed to finally wake up and made some wise, mature decisions this episode. Another reality check!

One more for having such a hot photo.

Chuck. Typical. So uncool for being disloyal.
All guys need to wear a silk scarf tucked into a purple polo with popped collar under a velour tracksuit to play basketball. No?

NO! No check. Ed W, lose some weight please. It’s not you, it’s just the show. No checks. I should be giving out thumbs down.

What’s with all the secrets?! Best friends tell each other everything right?? What happened to your integrity, Vanessa, and look what mingling with Upper East Siders has done to you! Vanessa is probably the most unnecessary character on the show except as a door prop for the eccentric and colourful fashion wardrobe. But she is one honest door prop! One check for honest door props!

The OMJC t-shirts! LOL! Way to try please Christian viewers. No check though, it’s just silly. BUT a check for bringing back the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Don’t schmance me with reformed schemers. They’re rotten to the core!

Dan and Jenny… a side plot today, but I loved the gesture. I’m all for lovey dovey warm moments. Check :)

Ok, I’ve been very generous today. 7 checks! Hope I’ll get at least this many checks on my thesis! Presentation on Monday -______- FIRST ONE TOO!! WTF?! FML!!


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