What is this

Too weird.

I tried to find out more about this Pygmy Jerboa creature, but there are so many variations. They all look similar to my favourite kangaroo rat, only k.r. is cuter and p.j.s are more alien like.

A poem on Pygmy Jerboas:

Pygmy Jerboas are rodents
about the size of a penny,
which look surprisingly evil
and frankly quite scary.

“I’m gonna eat out your brain.”

Its cousin the Long Eared Jerboa is sooooooooo much cuter.

My fav Kangaroo Rat, which I learned of from the Magic School Bus

Please take care of the environment, because there are so many creatures that depend on it!

“If all the insects on earth disappeared, within fifty years all life on earth would disappear. If all humans disappeared, within fifty years all species would flourish as never before.” — Jonas Salk



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2 responses to “What is this

  1. phibz

    OMG! What in Kami’s name is that thing!!! Look at it! Its SCHEMING! ALWAYS scheming. Just fiddling its fingers like Mr. Burns ALL the time! ITS GOING TO TAKE OVER ALL OF US! They’re going to crawl into our brains through our ears while we sleep and control our bodies! THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS HERE! ZOMGWTFGZUSSKORNFLICKS!!!


    Awesome post btw.

  2. Mm

    that is awesome.

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