Hong Kong: kid hanging for his dear life on clothes-hangers

This happened in Ma On Shan. The kid recording said he heard a loud bang in the morning, and noticed a person hanging outside his building. The person was holding on by his leg caught on a metal clothes-hanger (common in Hong Kong residential buildings). He immediately ran to the next unit to tell them to not open the window, but there was no answer. So he tried the door and opened it, and told the person to hang on, and went to get help. He noticed that the kid in danger seemed to have a broken right arm and he “saw flesh”… He said he, his friend, and his brother tried to help, and his mom called 999.

This is pretty scary. Do kids have too much time while swine flu suspended school or something? I hope not! My cousins better not be up to this shiz while at home. Props to this kid for being web 2.0 savvy and to the firefighters for saving the kid. Hope the kids involved can be inspired this life changing experience.

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