Communications student with international experience chooses to work in Toronto

March 15, 2010 – Toronto, Canada – The year 2009 has been tough to not only the finance and manufacturing industries, but it is especially depressing for its graduates competing with newly unemployed seniors. One of them is choosing to stay in Toronto to tough it out, even when a management position is waiting for her back home.

Sindy Ng was educated under the Canadian education system even though she was born and raised in Hong Kong. She attended primary school in Richmond Hill then returned to Hong Kong for secondary school, where she attended an international school under the Saskatchewan curriculum. In her senior year after years of being an honours student, Sindy applied only to schools in Toronto and southern Ontario, and eventually chose to give up an offer to University of Toronto’s Commerce to attend Communication Studies at York University. Her determination to stay in the biggest city in Canada has remained even after graduation, when a family business is waiting for her back home.

“I know many people could only hope for a business for them to run, but I believe life shouldn’t hand everything to me,” Sindy said. “I want to struggle and pursue my dream career in communications via journalism, public relations, or marketing.”

Her passion in communications is reflected in her resume. She has worked in marketing, public relations, and journalism, where she has several articles under her name. She has worked in profit sectors interacting with clients from Asia, North America, to Europe, and not-for-profit with youths in Toronto. Her most memorable experience was during her internship for a magazine when she interviewed Hong Kong’s contestants for the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.

“I want to be able to learn and make mistakes on my own before I consider taking on the responsibility of a family business. I want to be able to prove myself, and have something to offer when I eventually return home.”

Sindy is currently the Media and Marketing Director at Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival. She blogs between volunteering and looking for jobs in magazines or marketing at

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