Back and Forth

At first, what shocked me most was how phrases did not make sense and what they said at the bottom of the scrolled text. When an advertisement tells me this is the end of publishing – the two true loves in my life up against each other – my heart shatters. Then, I had more questions as I began tracking down the origin of this brilliant idea.

Books Are Dead (Books Are Not Dead)

It is clever, but as Buzzfeed commenter pointed out, the following video came first. I’m all for parodies and allusions, but what do you think when advertisements imitate an idea so precisely?

Lost Generation

Furthermore… the information from the above Lost Generation video claims it was based on the following political advertisement. On its info box, you can find the agency that created this ad.

Lopez Murphy for president – Truth (Upside – Down)

It’s not the end of the chase – what inspired the creative and copy executives? And when did this come along – AXA has an identical ad too.

Do you see how interesting it gets when ideas can be traced to a source? Especially in this age of viral marketing and convenient info-sharing, do you remember where you heard the latest news from? Is it possible to track information traffic and flow?

Where do you get your ideas from? Is it possible to run out of original ideas? Does combining ideas into a new combination constitute as a new idea? Where’s the boundary when it comes to imitation versus inspiration?

During one of my Communication Studies seminars, my professor asked us to think of a site we always visit. Where did we learn about that site? If we heard about it from someone, where did they hear it from? Try it out, and you’ll be stumped. We don’t even realize how unconsciously we travel through information.

I am aware that I have posed many questions; perhaps you may find this as an answer:

Oh sorry, I don’t recall the source of this image either.


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