Aunties and Uncles Brunch – just as they would make it

Don’t expect glamourous silverware or comfortable seating at Auntie’s and Uncles. Do expect a long wait for buttery comfort food in your Uncle’s kitchen decorated in the 50’s.

Scrambled eggs with challah toast and hash brown
(Omlette of the day with challah toast and hash brown

The Anticipation

My friends and I, a table of 4, arrived around 12:15 on Sunday at College and Bathurst and were seated by 1pm. We thought it being on blogTO’s top ten list for brunch would be worth the wait. We made a mental note to arrive after 1pm next time because the line had disappeared by then.

The Order

It is always difficult to decide what to order… I knew I wanted something savoury, but pancakes didn’t come with bacon or sausages (sides such as bacon, toast, salad, etc. can be added for an extra charge). Eventually my stomach growled at me and we ordered the day’s specials and a dessert to share.

The Review

I ordered omlette of the day with toast and hash brown (picture above, unfortunately caputured by my Nokia phone’s camera as my Casio digicam was suffering lens malfunction). Today’s omlette had leek, mushrooms, red pepper, and cheddar cheese. The egg was really fluffy and the fillings were generous. I felt like I made this at home, as I tend to use lots of butter and cheese :9

Grilled cheese with hash brown and homemade ketchup(Grilled cheese with tomatoes, with hash brown and homemade ketchup)

The toast was loaded with butter and tasted like it. I would have enjoyed it more if it had been pan-fried longer like the grilled cheese (which looked amazing), so it becomes crispier.

Breakfast sandwich on focaccia with potato salad, peameal bacon on the side(Breakfast sandwich on foccacia
with dill and dijon potato salad; peameal bacon on the side)

Even the focaccia bun was butter toasted and looked absolutely delicious. As for the potato sides, they were both good but I was disappointed. I was raised by McDonald’s breakfast; my friend and I expected deep fried potato patties. I compensated by picking the extra crispy pieces to get my crunch haha. I noticed orange bits of sweet potatoes, green onion, and rosemary mixed into it, which made it a thoughtful and flavourful mix.

Watch out for the potato salad – the dill and dijon mustard makes it very appetizing and before you know it, you would have stuffed yourself with so much carbs you won’t have room for dessert!

Waffles with poached pear

Mmmmmm waffle!! On the menu it was listed as “while supplies last” – of course we had to order it. I’m a major sweet tooth, so trust me if I say you don’t need much syrup. I was too greedy and poured a tablespoon of syrup on my quarter of the waffle, then realized that the waffle had already absorbed it all (unlike my experience with Eggo waffles + Aunt Jemima corn syrup). The waffle’s texture was phenomenal – it was warm and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. I’ve got a hunch the batter was sweetened to achieve the mild sweetness and crispy exterior.


This is definitely a home-style diner for a laid back brunch at a good price. I don’t think it belongs on the top ten list of Toronto brunches unless the rest of them were of a similar caliber, nor would I purposely trek from North York to wait 40 minutes for crowded seating for the first meal of the day and greasy food I can make at home. What you get is similar to Golden Griddle, but more generous with fillings, butter, and cheese, and more thought into the flavour (see poached pear and potato sides). If I were to go back, I would try the pancakes or order the waffle again. I would much rather go further to School’s Bakery. The diner is aptly named Auntie’s and Uncle’s – it is cozy, relaxed, greasy, and made with love to comfort and fill you up.

Aunties and Uncles

74 Lippincott St.
416 324 1375

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