GBC Gourmet Burger Company – Great Big, er, Disappointment

The Anticipation

I have been looking forward to visit the Gourmet Burger Company! And boy oh boy, was it a disappointment! Offering lamb burger and a variety of cheeses as toppings available may be gourmet, but the patty and bun are the primary elements that make the burger and they were unsatisfactory.

The Order

I visited during a Saturday for a late lunch/early supper in between appointments. It was an odd time of the day to eat so the joint was empty. I ordered the Lamb Burger with tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers,  and GBC sauce. I ordered the combo with fries and a soft drink, for a grand total of $12 and some change. The service was pretty good – I went to the washroom while waiting for my order and my friend, and the cashier had placed my order at my seat. Please suffer through my blurry pics – I didn’t want to be so obvious being the only customer, so I used my phone and didn’t wait for it to focus.

Gourmet Burger Company - Lamb burger

The Review

The lamb patty was dry. I have made juicier patties from lean ground beef. All the juices from the burger came from the roasted and sauteed vegetables. The flavour was not bad, and I finished the burger without complaint. Yet it doesn’t take me much to clear my plate as I hate to waste.

On the other hand, the fries were nice and hot, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was salted, and for me a bit too heavily. As my friend noted, it resembled New York Fries – but of course nothing comes close :)

Gourmet Burger Company Fries


Not crazy about it, I’d prefer Hero’s Burger for a cheaper and more satisfying burger experience. If I go back, I would like to try the Mushroom Melt burger – I’m hoping I can’t go wrong with the classic beef and cheese combo. I’m looking forward to trying Craft Burger’s poutine now!

Gourmet Burger Company

9 Charles St W

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