Sakura Hanami

High Park Sakura

High Park Sakura

High Park Sakura

Life’s been a bit unbalanced lately. Sakura hanami means the viewing of cherry blossoms. It is a ritual in Japan and I aimed to have accomplished this year. I enjoyed lovely cherry blossoms at Toronto’s High Park and that seems to have been all I have done to take advantage of the lovely spring weather so far :O I just shocked myself at this realization, as I am one to appreciate taking walks around town in pleasant weather.

Regardless, I have been creating and consuming new foods: homemade beef brisket, Syogun AYCE Japanese, Phoenix Restaurant, and a second trip to Starving Artist. I’ve also seen really good movies, which I recommend: How to Train a Dragon, Date Night, and Kick Ass. Just never got around to sit down and write about every enjoying moment I had!

So this week, I will be partaking in several food adventures around downtown and try to document them all:

Sorry to keep things short as I am trying to be more productive outside of blogging and having fun. Until then, feast your eyes on this:

Tomato Basil Tower

Tomato Basil Tower, a simple and healthy blanched tomato. Yet it resembles a gourmet dish because of the fresh basil leaves and sea salt. Good idea for your next special dinner, or for those on their bikini diets but still want to feel like they ate something! :) (from Slashfood)

edit: credits to The Banana Times for pics!

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One response to “Sakura Hanami

  1. Beautiful pictures..I hope one day to be in Japan and be part of the festival there.

    And yes, I would like some pie XD

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