Seared Tuna Salad with Japanese Sesame Dressing

Tuna sashimi slab. As I tweeted earlier, I happened upon sashimi grade tuna at home. Actually my dad and I visited a frozen meat store in Kennedy Town and went on a mad splurge, where we purchased pounds of US Angus beef, New Zealand lean steak, US beef tenderloin, Japanese scallops, and he threw in my once beloved tuna. I say once because when I was younger, I only knew of and favoured salmon, tuna, and tamago (egg) sushi over imitation crab stick and Hello Kitty fish cake sushi. Every parent only remembers you as you were ten years ago, so naturally it hasn’t registered that my favourites now are hotate (raw scallop), ikura (salmon roe), amaebi (sweet shrimp). I appreciate any good food, so I made no objection to stocking up on sashimi at home!

As lunch is limited to chaa chan tengs (Chinese version of diners) around my office, I have been developing a habit of vegetable rich dinners to increase my fibre intake. What better way to spice up your salad than with some sashimi?

I was deciding between seared tuna and a Hawaiian style sashimi salad (diced salmon or tuna tossed with sesame seeds, sesame/peanut paste, and sesame oil) my sister often made. Why not combine both?

I was not as skilled as conjuring the sauce as my sister, so I always Kewpie (cupid) brand Japanese salad dressing at home for quick and healthy dinners. It is available in chain supermarkets and international food stores.


  • 300 g sashimi grade tuna (or salmon)
  • 1/3 iceberg lettuce
  • 1 ripe vine tomato
  • Kewpie brand sesame dressing
  1. Chop the lettuce and tomato. I prefer cubing to bite size chunks and loosening up the lettuce.
  2. Heat a non-stick pan to medium. Do not use oil as we are searing the tuna, not frying it, and want to maintain its healthiness. Pan should sizzle when you drop water onto it.
  3. Carefully lay tuna onto pan. Cook all 4 sides until 5mm is white and opaque. Pay full attention! Please attend to tuna if you do not want cooked tuna steak! It would be sacrilegious to waste the tuna.
    As you can see, the tuna begins to char without any oil as its natural fat oozes out.
  4. Remove tuna from pan. Allow to cool then slice into 1.5cm slices or cubes.
  5. Lay cut tuna on top of vegetables, drizzle with sesame dressing, and enjoy!

Makes one delicious and healthy serving.


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