Sympathetic Hong Kong, Whiny Hong Kong

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A famous street vendor of Hong Kong egg waffles was arrested by the Health Department for his illegal stall. These mobile stalls are a common part of Hong Kong streetmeats culture and so are these egg waffles. What stood out about this case is the owner, an elderly man in his 70s who wants to make an honest living and not claim welfare like the rest of Hong Kong. He has been arrested on numerous occasions but this time, it drew a sympathetic crowd who believed the officials targeted the old man.

Guess what? I am unsympathetic. Hong Kong people are infamous complainers. If there were stalls on the streets they complain about street cleanliness and hygiene. If a sad old man has a stall on the street they complain about officials doing their job. Well HKers, if you were so sympathetic, pitch in and rent a storefront for the old man.

On the other hand, Hong Kong government should man up. Don’t be chicken and sway your opinions based solely on mass response. Are you a whiny Hong Konger too?

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