Want to support illegal street vending? There’s a Facebook group for that! Version egg waffle (雞蛋仔阿伯)

An update to the elderly gentleman selling Hong Kong egg waffles (雞蛋仔) illegally:

The whiners and grunters of Hong Kong have taken protesting to a new dimension – the digital dimension. Usually the middle aged working class take to the streets on weekends to protest wage issues and property prices. This time, it is about an elderly local snack vendor, whose target market includes adolescents and young adults with lots of time to “hea” (chill) on weekends in search of the perfect egg waffle. So instead, there’s a Facebook group for that!

撐雞蛋仔伯伯 – 聲援自食其力、自力更生人士

Unfortunately the group is in Chinese, but there are several videos (in Chinese) for those who can’t read but still can understand aurally. The main idea of the group is to encourage patronage of this particular street cart in support of this elderly man’s honest living.

As I have previously voiced, I support his spirit but it is illegal and the officials are doing their job, no matter how lousy it is. Secondly, do online campaigns work? The Egyptians and Obama campaigns have been effective, yet it all comes down to how strongly people believe in the cause. How strongly do Hong Kongers believe in this cause? What is their true motive – to support an honest old man or to spite the HK government? Or to participate in the HK favourite past-time of “lining up for something because it’s going to shut down soon”?

Take a look at the videos videos, and let’s hear what you think.

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