Would you like some Scones?: An Ode, Scene 1

An ode is poetry dedicated to a topic whether a person, place, or thing. I had a wonderful Easter holiday doing two things I love: cooking and eating. I dedicate this photo-poem to an afternoon making scones.

-SCENE 1 –

One quiet day during the holiday of Easter,
Two girls began to crack some eggs and measure some sugar.

She worked with her hands
and kneaded the dough,

While she sprinkled the table top with flour
And gave it a few rolls.

They crouched at the oven with sparkling eyes,
As the wet dough heated and began to rise.

She pulled the oven door with a soft thud,
And the warm scent awoke her taste buds.

Scones of almond, scones of butter,
Don’t forget the savoury scones of cheddar.

One by one they stacked up away from the crumbs,
“We’ll just hide away the ugly ones.”

– End Scene 1 –

To be continued tomorrow…

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