Would you like some Scones?: An Ode, Scene 2

Continued from Scene 1

Next came the egg whites, beaten till they’re stiff,

You know they’re ready when they form a peak.

She tried her hand at the pastry tube,
The resulting shape looked rather rude!

Into the oven went the meringues,
Let’s just say she’ll have to try again.

Here comes more sugar, here comes some cream,
We’re making the clotted cream to fulfill our dream.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present,
The special guest of our event! …

…Our sweet lady from the Orient,
Rose Petal and Strawberry Jam!”

And the rest is history,
Through photos you can see,
Let us leave these ladies
to enjoy their afternoon tea.

– End Scene 2-

Epilogue: With the amount we made, I was bound to have some for brunch :)

– END! –


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