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Shower with a Stranger

I don’t usually share my intimate details, but tonight I had an encounter that made me worry about waking my neighbours, and I was sure I needed another shower in the morning… :o

I had stripped and stepped into my shower after a long day. It had been hot everyday this week so my sweaty skin welcomed the cool shower. I was just beginning to cool off when a stranger joined me in the shower. The moment we made eye contact, my heart began to race. We had not met before but a familiar feeling rose inside me. Without contact I let out a tiny yelp. “This will be an interesting night,” I thought. The stranger stirred and slid up against the shower wall. I visually measured – this is double the size I usually encounter.
Eventually I couldn’t help it any more. I let out a scream.

And I noped the fuck out of there.

I welcome joint showers but not with a fucking prehistorically sized cockroach. #hkproblems #cantshowertonight #cockroachminustheroach


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Graphic Dream

It was at night when a blonde girl resembling Sofia Coppola meets a young guy, in a neighbourhood recreation park with more concrete than green. Only distant streetlights revealed their profiles. They were walking calmly and casually discussing which of the humans standing motionless with their backs to them and facing the park management building, now rotting corpses with the characteristic monochromatic tone, will “change”. When a corpse changes, it becomes a fanged zombie with vicious temper and rages to bite.
They didn’t have a term to label these beings. They weren’t called vampires nor were they zombies, but they have become a common sighting. Oddly this girl and guy only step out at night.

I watch them chat idly and smiling at these corpses like children pointing at pigeons in the park. Then, the field of vision draws to a closeup of her fine blonde hair, shoulder length wisps carried by the breeze, translucent with fluorescent light against the concrete wall. She turns her head. And she is gray. She has the monochromatic tone and hollow face, feral eyes, rotting skin, and gaping, fanged mouth. Continue reading

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Jose Andres – Fruits are Sexy

At first I was merely amused by how he described fruits as sexy, then I realized how much passion this man has for perfecting the skill to maximize flavour and to share good food. It doesn’t take synthetically concocted ingredients to make food refreshing. Food is a science with the passion of an artist. This segment on chef Jose Andres, a Spanish trained chef in New York running the Jaleo and several other restaurants with a one month waiting list, is inspiring to anyone who eats, anyone who has a passion, and fans of molecular gastronomy.

edit: Video embedding didn’t work. Here’s the link :)

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Sakura Hanami

High Park Sakura

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What I would type into my status update after watching Kick Ass:

Kick Ass teases with your expectations of cliches from teenage (Super Bad) / super hero (Marvel & Co.) movies then throws you around unexpectedly like you’re a goon. Throw all expectations of the movie away, and don’t read any reviews. You don’t need to know any thing else other than that twists are absolutely unexpected and that Nic Cage finally realized his acting is cheesy as hell and made use of it.
Except I didn’t cuz it’s so darn long and I don’t want to spoil it. The movie was amazing for action movie and comic fans. Although, I was distracted by the fact that I recognized Toronto in so many street scenes. Yay Toronto pride!

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Rewind: Stormy Blue nail polish

Whoah old drafted post from Sept 2009. Go ahead:


Okay boys, nothing related to robots or Megan Fox. Move along and wait for the next post!

Recently, I’ve secured Sally Hansen’s Salon line of nail polish as a guarantee for easy application and steadfast colour. I’ve tried Reddy to Mingle and it is the perfect shade of red – bright and glossy, with a blue undertone that complements my pale skin tone.

At The Ex event in Toronto, I visited its outlet and found nail polish on sale for $1 apiece, so I picked up a murky silvery bottle from the same line to try for F/W 09/10. Stormy Blue is an accurate name for this colour – gunmetal with a hint of navy and the perfect pearly shimmer. Continue reading

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My (in)famous Caramel Apple Porkchops

I’ve only made it about a million times. And on both east and west coasts of Canada. Meh.

Caramel Apple Porkchop

This recipe is great for using up those apples not good enough to be eaten as is, e.g. sour, powdery and not crisp in texture, bruised, cut open and browning.


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