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A Romantic Rant against Technology

Language has become vulgar. Romance is rare. Courting has evolved to one night stands.

One thing to blame is the advance of technology and how it reduced waiting time. Super markets, text messaging, contraception are all products and enablers of instantaneous materialistic, communicative, and sexual satisfaction.They have provided convenience but challenged a balanced and sustained lifestyle. Preserved and over seasoned produce vs. fresh goods from the local butcher. Unconsciously typed messages (you know you can multitask) vs. carefully selected words and tidy calligraphy. I am not discrediting the skills required in the modern alternatives, but don’t you miss the times when a pursuer can’t read about all your likes and history on one page, and they make an effort to find out what you liked? Or making plans to have a nice dinner a week in advance instead of meeting up wherever convenient through Whatsapp?

Tom Ford, when reflecting on the present, said: Continue reading


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Old habits

Time and setting may have changed but old habits die hard. I still like to have chocolatey foods while I watch TV on the couch. Pictorial proof of the Chinese proverb, “What you are at 3 years old sets what you are at 80 years old”: Continue reading

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Communications student with international experience chooses to work in Toronto

March 15, 2010 – Toronto, Canada – The year 2009 has been tough to not only the finance and manufacturing industries, but it is especially depressing for its graduates competing with newly unemployed seniors. One of them is choosing to stay in Toronto to tough it out, even when a management position is waiting for her back home. Continue reading

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Beam me up, Scotty!

I have decided to switch to WordPress.

I just imported my posts from blogger so not all multimedia items have made the transfer. I can imagine floating as pixels in midair a la Mike Teevee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you miss them you can go back to WYLSP at Blogspot and help yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll be updating WYLSP with some posts I haven’t published and updating more frequently :) Hope you’re hungry!

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What a Shame

People on the internet have short attention span. Congratulations on making onto the second sentence even though this post has no pictures nor mentions of celebrities, boobs, or robots! Okay, now it does, but that doesn’t really count.
What I’m trying to say is, there are so many other things I am willing to write, but it would drive readers away to never come back. Back in the days of Xanga, I was able to write anything down, even thought my entries tended to be cryptic whether public or protected. I am inspired to divulge here, but of course it depends if I want to share such passionate ramblings on here where my top referral is google search for “black Paris Hilton“. I’ve got a feeling I don’t want to.
Because of these many reasons, I’ve got entries scattered all over different blogs and hosts. I feel like I need to constantly filter myself as I blog. The only time I don’t have the need to filter myself is when I blog about food. Food is universal, so intimately comforting yet widely shared. You don’t drive with your brakes on — it’s a shame that I’m thinking with brakes on.

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Blog Identity Crisis

I do not want to post links any more. This is only encouraging the Long Tail Effect.

There are so many blogs & tumblrs & applications in general out there that do this kinda stuff (digg, stumbleupon, etc). I want to write about deeper things and things related to my life, but I would want to do so anonymously.
In my frustration, I feel completely restless and unable to focus. I’m not getting anywhere.

I’m in a fricking dilemma. I need to envision my goal and stick with it.

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It kills me to write about myself.

I figured my list on Facebook wasn’t very legit and kept thinking of things to add! So I’ll keep track of them here, 10 at a time.

  1. I’m a stickler for proper English. “your stupid”… stupid what? (If you didn’t get that, don’t bother)
  2. I like being a teacher. Out of my generation of cousins, I’m the oldest so I’m always the teacher when played school. Later, I thought being a teacher would be cool because I’d get all the holidays and – if I was an International school teacher, all the benefits too!
  3. The part of my body that I am proudest of is…. my ribcage. Kiddiinnggg hahahaha so anorexic. Actually they’re my fingertips/ fingernails. They’re so perfectly shaped and curved :D
  4. When I am conversing online, I laugh a lot textually.
  5. Sometimes, when I see something funny online, my mind says, “LOL” as in the letters themselves… ell oh ell.
  6. I just realized recently that my textual laughing could be quite intimidating, actually. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  7. I have a lot of internal conflicts, big and small. e.g., I want to go into advertising, but I don’t want to promote materialism. I guess that’s an extra thing you learned about me.
  8. I won awards for speech contests…

    … they were for Chinese school during the weekends, and the other kids can barely speak Cantonese properly.

  9. I don’t like talking about myself because I feel it is conceited. Having a blog based on my preferences and me in general is a contradiction. See #7. I feel like an arachnophobia staring at a dead tarantula, waiting for it to come back alive any second now.
  10. I love to organize things. I estimate that I rearrange my room once a month and my closet 4x a year, at least. If I type notes, I want to make sure that I won’t be left with a page with only 1/4 filled. That wastes paper!
  11. Bonus, included for next time: I am prone to being environmentally friendly.

Final thing about me.. I am jealous that this walrus can do ballroom dancing. The world is so unfair.

— written Mar 26

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