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Easter Brunch at Home, Part I

What a BEAUTIFUL day!! Once I stepped out, it was hot and slightly stuffy and reminded me of good ol’ Hong Kong. A perfect 25*C, super sunny but slightly overcast and breezy hinting a brewing storm.

Walked across the street to my friend’s to make pancakes and eggs Benedict. I whipped up my frat-boy style hollandaise sauce (mayo + hint of mustard + water) for the poached eggs which were perfectly wobbly and round. Then we mixed up some pancake mix with frozen blueberries… which was a bad idea because all the ice and berries melted and the pancakes became a toxic-blue goo in the pan. I imagine it would make a great Halloween dish. Instead, we made fluffy banana pancakes from scratch! We added sliced strawberries and sieved some icing sugar on top. It was restaurant quality and picture perfect. The only fault of this brunch was we had milk rather than juice!

The lack of juice only inspired us for an epic Easter Sunday brunch and afternoon… stay tuned! Pics will come soon :)

Happy long weekend everyone!
Recipe for cuteless - 1/2 a cup of live bunny. (From CuteOverload.com)


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Aunties and Uncles Brunch – just as they would make it

Don’t expect glamourous silverware or comfortable seating at Auntie’s and Uncles. Do expect a long wait for buttery comfort food in your Uncle’s kitchen decorated in the 50’s.

Scrambled eggs with challah toast and hash brown
(Omlette of the day with challah toast and hash brown

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