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Seared Tuna Salad with Japanese Sesame Dressing

Tuna sashimi slab. As I tweeted earlier, I happened upon sashimi grade tuna at home. Actually my dad and I visited a frozen meat store in Kennedy Town and went on a mad splurge, where we purchased pounds of US Angus beef, New Zealand lean steak, US beef tenderloin, Japanese scallops, and he threw in my once beloved tuna. I say once because when I was younger, I only knew of and favoured salmon, tuna, and tamago (egg) sushi over imitation crab stick and Hello Kitty fish cake sushi. Every parent only remembers you as you were ten years ago, so naturally it hasn’t registered that my favourites now are hotate (raw scallop), ikura (salmon roe), amaebi (sweet shrimp). I appreciate any good food, so I made no objection to stocking up on sashimi at home! Continue reading


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My quiche, my quiche my quiche my quiche. My Lovely Cheesey Quiche.

I am writing this I watch the sky turn from navy to periwinkle. Pardon my lame title.

My Lovely Cheesey Quiche

I love quiche. My former colleagues know I love quiche because I eat it for lunch so often (with McD filet-o-fish a close second). I’ve brought quiches to 3 different potlucks in December 2009 since I began buying frozen pie crusts. And people think it’s store bought!! Woot!

Put-Anything-You-Want-plus-Cheese Quiche

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My (in)famous Caramel Apple Porkchops

I’ve only made it about a million times. And on both east and west coasts of Canada. Meh.

Caramel Apple Porkchop

This recipe is great for using up those apples not good enough to be eaten as is, e.g. sour, powdery and not crisp in texture, bruised, cut open and browning.


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