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I once knew a set of triplets named Amelia, Bedilia, and Cordelia.

They played quietly everyday by the window. Sometimes they spied on the neighbours and whispered made up stories about them.

One by one, they grew to be beautiful darlings.

Soon they moved away, and I heard another set of triplets were moving in. They were named Darcia, Elicia, and Felicia.

Little did I know, I was expecting more than three little buds!

I’m thinking of Garcia, Halina, and Julianna.


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Starting April 1st. One bag will sell for $2.89. A little bag of 5 will sell for 59 cents.
I would like to try it, but I doubt it’ll beat the original cheese puffs.

Source via Dlisted, which also listed the following product:

4 foot tall Bubble Calender. I want.

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Pushing Daisies is back!

Must have caused my sudden love for flowers. It’s the loveliest show on earth. Vivid colours, quick dialogues, quirky characters, woman with eye patch, and a restaurant called the Pie Hole? Gonna watch it now.

Update: I just found out it is only back on my streaming site, not the actual season. Is it really really really really canceled?????????????? :((((((((((

ABC canceled it – shows like Two and a Half Men survive. Fuck you ABC.

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Link: Hot Air Balloons

Gorgeous. Gorgeous music, gorgeous video. Snoop Dogg makes good recommendations.

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