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Lazy Sunday at Lazy Al Molo

How should I begin? On Sunday afternoon, I returned with friends to Al Molo after opening night for a full serving of veal ravioli. Alas, it is only served during dinner :( This pouty face occured several more times during our meal.

Well, fret not, for I am at the restaurant of the king of pasta and there is an abundance of pasta dishes to choose from. Actually only 5-6 pasta dishes, and my friend complained about the limited menu. I disagree; I believe shorter menus allow quality over quantity. A long menu tries too hard to please too many people and sacrifices quality. The wine and drink lists, on the other hand… I don’t know about their quality but there were sure a lot to choose from!

Firstly, we ordered an appetizer to share – yellowtail sashimi. I believe it is served with Continue reading



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Al Molo – Reference for Revisit

Al Molo launched at Harbour City, Hong Kong, serving Italian cuisine by New York restauranteur and king of pasta Michael White, on the ground level next to BLT Steak. I went with a friend and we had a good time at the Al Molo launch. Can’t say no to free food and making new friends :)

This is just a quick note to my own friends of what I’ve tried for reference when we revisit, and also a glimpse of the menu for anyone who wasn’t able to get food through crowds. It was ridiculous: women bearing talon like nails snatched pizza in handfuls losing all composure despite their diamonds and pearls, and the lines covered most of the walls of the spacious restaurant as if there was a famine going on. If it weren’t for my starving friend’s fervor, I wouldn’t have been motivated to fight for food.

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