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My quiche, my quiche my quiche my quiche. My Lovely Cheesey Quiche.

I am writing this I watch the sky turn from navy to periwinkle. Pardon my lame title.

My Lovely Cheesey Quiche

I love quiche. My former colleagues know I love quiche because I eat it for lunch so often (with McD filet-o-fish a close second). I’ve brought quiches to 3 different potlucks in December 2009 since I began buying frozen pie crusts. And people think it’s store bought!! Woot!

Put-Anything-You-Want-plus-Cheese Quiche

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My (in)famous Caramel Apple Porkchops

I’ve only made it about a million times. And on both east and west coasts of Canada. Meh.

Caramel Apple Porkchop

This recipe is great for using up those apples not good enough to be eaten as is, e.g. sour, powdery and not crisp in texture, bruised, cut open and browning.


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Beef Ravioli (using wonton wrap) in Tomato Cream Sauce

This is another one of my impromptu and unconventional recipes gathered from my cravings and things I had in my kitchen. So the story goes: there’s ground beef defrosted for several days and due to be cooked; my sister had opened a pack of wonton wraps; I wanted something creamy for dinner.

Beef Ravioli (using wonton wrap) in Tomato Cream Sauce

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Taking Gourmet Fast Food to a Whole New Level

I took advantage of New York Fries’ buy-one-get-one-free offer on Twitter after the Canadian Women’s Hockey won gold (yay!) and got myself some yummy yummy poutine for dinner. I thought I should eat a more balanced diet (even though I’ve made a meal out of a regular sized poutine frequently – definitely a guilty pleasure).

New York Fries buy one get one poutine free coupon, after Canadian Women's Hockey won gold at the Winter Olympics 2010

I was inspired by Fancy Fast Food when I thought of this recipe. I decided to pair New York Fries poutine as a side to accompany the pork tenderloin I had just gotten from the supermarket, while it’s fresh.

Recipe: Seared balsamic pork tenderloin with mozzarella curd poutine

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