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Seared Tuna Salad with Japanese Sesame Dressing

Tuna sashimi slab. As I tweeted earlier, I happened upon sashimi grade tuna at home. Actually my dad and I visited a frozen meat store in Kennedy Town and went on a mad splurge, where we purchased pounds of US Angus beef, New Zealand lean steak, US beef tenderloin, Japanese scallops, and he threw in my once beloved tuna. I say once because when I was younger, I only knew of and favoured salmon, tuna, and tamago (egg) sushi over imitation crab stick and Hello Kitty fish cake sushi. Every parent only remembers you as you were ten years ago, so naturally it hasn’t registered that my favourites now are hotate (raw scallop), ikura (salmon roe), amaebi (sweet shrimp). I appreciate any good food, so I made no objection to stocking up on sashimi at home! Continue reading


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Azure Restaurant, Toronto

I love good food, and what’s better than good food plus a deal?? Every year Toronto has Winterlicious and Summerlicious when higher price range restaurants launch prix fixe menus with three courses for the general public. For 2010 , Winterlicious spanned from Jan 29 to Feb 11 and I try to book lunches as the menu options were mostly identical to dinner but cheaper. But seeing as I was working full time, that leaves only the weekends. I ended up with a lunch reservation at Azure Restaurant & Bar, a part of Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Toronto.

Smoked Salmon Platter at Azure Restaurant, Toronto

The Anticipation

The restaurant, situated in a sunny lobby, was only half filled (I’m an optimist). My part of 3 were immediately seated in a quiet corner and we helped ourselves to crunchy breadsticks and warm bread. I had to stop my friend from ruining her appetite because she hadn’t had breakfast and was gobbling down bread with butter. Continue reading

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