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Within the past 48 hours, I completed two research papers – one from scratch – and survived on a total of 7 hours of sleep. Strangely, these were the closest to all-nighters that I’ve had in my final year. Maybe that shows I’m a good student? O:-D

One of my research papers is a full on scientific experimental study. I am a double major student, and one of those majors is Psychology. Honour students at my school need to conduct a study and write a research paper to graduate. This was probably my only major fear in my post secondary career. I went through some difficulties, and I panicked like maaaaaaaaad – near hyperventilating, near tears, near suicidal. When you’re trying to run a statistical program and you don’t understand stuff, seeing this on wiki does not help:


This is so cliche, but it really described how I felt in the split second my 50 pages of work were done printing — empty. Mind says: “So… that’s it?”


I am done.


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I’m on a Boat!!

“Ghetto Swimming Pool” >>

Speaking of ghetto, there was another “shooting” at my school! That was after the dozens of accounts of sexual assault, robbery, rape, hate crimes, countless arrests during protests, 2 months of strike, etc…. ONE MORE WEEK SUCKAAH

Okay, must finish thesis by morning.

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Today, I realized the senior thesis I turned in last week uses the word “asses” instead of “assess” 17 times. FML

Must complete thesis 1 week in advance, spellcheck by eye 5x + proofread by eye 5x, before printing, then check again. *gulp*

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Blogging between Correlations

I hate stats. I don’t mind doing math, give me a whole friggin’ workbook of problems solving, but don’t make me try to analyze something out of nothing. Damn Thesis. Everyone’s done school and free to watch Wolverine tmr, but I’ll be haunted by my friggin’ presentation on Monday.

“Hello, my name is Sindy… my thesis is on bla blabla… and I can’t find any results because I tried to wing it and randomly picked a test to use for my research, so now I can not find any significant findings. I know I know, the point is not about finding a result because no result is something too, but it’s so friggin’ disorienting!! I only know how to find an answer if there is one, okay?? Thank you, it has been my pleasure completing this dissertation. “

Wow, okay. I think I will know how to present if i typed it in a blog! Hennyway, what I wanted to share:

Olympic hopeful discovered on Youtube, contacted on Facebook. – just sounds funny. “It turns out that man cannot live off dunking alone”. >>

Trampolining is an Olympic sport?!?!?!?!? >>

Please keep commenting recommendations on my Eurotrip post!

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I came up with this exact hair style one morning before school around 4-6 years ago. I also started wearing my hair in a bun with a thin headband one day 5-6 years ago, before it was trendy. I’m guessing I’m ahead-of-my-time in hairstyles? Is that my talent then?? What a waste of time taking Physics and Calculus. Psshh.

This is so freaky but I am so curious! One thing I don’t wana do to my hair is teasing it. It’s frizzy enough; I don’t need more damage! Been hearing a lot of positive reviews

Bumpits™ Hair Inserts are self gripping leave-in, volumizing hair inserts that give you instant volume and let you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful, like you just stepped out of a professional salon!

>> Order now! (I’ll steal a large one from you)

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My prof quotes HIMYM (“so by mid 20’s you’re gonna have to add Facebook to your Murtaugh List”), 30 Rock (when you want to own music, where do you get it from? Where do you go? “I want to go to there”), and RickRolling… how friggin’ awesome is that? 


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YOU can help me with my Thesis!

Hi everyone,

I am taking a Psychology thesis course that requires me to conduct a study. I am seeking participants for a survey online: must be 18-25 years old and comes from a divorced family. If you do not fit the criteria, it would help me if you can forward this to anyone you may know who might. The information is posted on http://tinyurl.com/ThesisConsentForm.

Thanks a lot for your help! Have a happy Easter!

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