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omg shoes

Shoes: This, this, or this?
Here are some sneaky pics:

Candidate #1:

Candidate #2:

Candidate #3

Leaning towards 3 b/c : versatile, comfortable for its height, and easy to slip on w/o annoying unbuckling/rebuckling. I already have a pair of flat gold/metallic sandals that can substitute for gladiators, thus eliminating #1. #2 doesn’t seem very versatile; cork + wedge seem a bit too casual. I don’t own many heels that feel comfortable enough to walk around in. I think I’ve made up my mind?

Shopping for me involves so many considerations! That’s why I’ve got so little stuff to switch around in. So I’ve decided to buy a pair of “seasonal” shoes, instead of only buying things I’m sure I’ll wear for 10 years. Later, Miss Granny Chan showed me this:

Watermelon Vans. As Granny said, “I would pay for these shoes if you dare to wear them out.” Seems like something Mr. Cow would appreciate. Ridiculous shoes remind me of Mr. Hedgehog’s “Bumblebee” sneakers back in high school. Reeboks or Nikes or whatever. Meh guy sneakers. Gonna shop more after my exam!! Got some DIY in mind. Now, have to continue not procrastinating and finish that thesis crap.


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Today is a day of harvest!!

Downtown – went to Urban Outfitter’s to wait for my friend, then met her up there instead. I wanted to go on Friday with another friend but forgot and bought a shirt dress at F21. Anyway, bought a loose fit varsity cardigan on sale for twenty dollahs and the famous origami/ geometric dress. You know which I’m talking about?

Considering to return it… a) if I see other people on the street with it. I’ve seen it on that “bikini girl” from American Idol -_- b) if my friend retrieves a cheaper version across the border next week! Stilllll craving for the watercolour silk skirt and Jefferey Campbell sandals… I need a trip to Buffalo!!

Secondly, while having dinner in Chinatown I bought a whole bunch of Chinese bakery pastries due to lack of opportunity to catch a ride for major grocery shopping… (deep fried curry beef bun, pineapple bun with red bean filling… mmm).

Then later that night my dearest neighbour across the street gave me a whole bunch of mini cakes! Food overload. Then an hour later, le BF happened to be free and needed to go grocery shopping too. So much fooooood! I just stacked everything into the fridge, and 10 minutes later, which is just 2 seconds ago, my sis returned from her neighbour friend with our chairs, and brought cinnamon buns back!! Okay, I’m stocked up for last 2 weeks of school eveeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

PS. tempted to have one of the many pastries for midnight snack…

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Rube Goldberg Machine ad

Japanese Simple Machine

So many cute bits!
<3 Japan

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XXX Men — cuz they’re so sexy.

Daniel Henney, MTV interview.

Two different secret endings in X men at the cinema

Director Gavin Hood says the theatrical version of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” due out Friday, features two different “Easter egg” endings. The short bits of footage play after the credits and reveal important information about key characters. Hood says the two endings play on separate prints, so different theaters may show different footage. >>

Is that how they’re luring people to watch it at the theater? After having supposedly lie that 10 minutes were missing from the leaked version? It doesn’t matter. X-men has such a huge fan base. And everyone loves Hugh Jackman! If people like it they’ll watch it.If you lie and scheme too much, people will just hate you more.


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A Lady with a Camel head

The Cuchini:

That shit will set you back $15 for two pads. Once you have your Cuchini pads, just place it over your hungry-hungry-hippo-cooze and voila! No camel toe. You will go from looking like a biological female with organic vagina lips to looking like you’ve got an 8″ dick tucked into your ass crack. Fatty crotch to tranny crotch in a matter of seconds! >>

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Link: Rap Chop and Twitter Creeper

Getting these little ones off to school. I didn’t recognize the bus driver this morning. Or the bus. Looked more like a van, reaOH MY GOD.


DJ Steve Porter is one hella self promoter. I’m sure he’s getting so many more hits and album sales. Wait until the copyright lawsuits come heading his way!

… and my favourite comments with two thumbs up from me.:

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i have a boring tuna :(

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Ah, this is great, makes me want to punch a hooker in the face.

If only analyzing data was that easy :(

Update: SO WRONG

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Link: Genius campaigning!

What a better partnership? Paris Hilton for Guess – sleezy skank for sleezy brand. They do have butt flattering jeans though. Uber genius marketing plan eh??? Doggie says DO NOT WANT and holds back tears as crabs pinch his back.
Next up – Heidi Montag for Marciano!

>> Source and more photos – or not!

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