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Link: Boobs – Perky, Saggy, Extraordinary

Denise Richards’ Funbags!!

Sheyla Hershey is plastic surgery crazy – going from FFF cup to KKK to MMM, causing her to have a heart problem and another procedure complicates her pregnancy. >>

After the fact that a walrus knows how to dance more than me, an 83 year old granny pulls moves like this. *wimpers in a corner* >>

In other news, Geocities is closing!! Yes, erase all evidence of pages I’ve created back around Y2K!!


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Not so Slim Shady

Blogging during class hehe. Cuz I wanna see eminem’s just released video!!!! It’s not “new” bc he raps about outdated celeb news and that’s so 2000. At least he’s not fat as K-Fed.

People ask so many stupid questions about midterms. What else do u need to know other than format (mc n short answer), and that itll cover both lecture n textbook materials? When the test comes, just do it!!! Okay gonna learn about babies now.

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Link: Real Life Video Resume!!!

Remember in How I Met Your Mother, Barney made a video resume???
His name is Aleksey Vayner: he submitted this video to banking giant UBS along with an 11-page cover letter and resume.

It is sooooooooo boring. Barney‘s is so much better.


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Link: John Mayer chose Twitter over Jen

Hahahahaha so true!!

Jennifer Aniston was apparently completely over John Mayer choosing his Twitter over her twatter.

…. “Every few hours, sometimes minutes, he’d update with some stupid line. And in her mind, she was like ‘He has time for all this Twittering, but he can’t send me a text, an email, make a call?‘” – Dlisted

So damn true. John Mayer has a conversation on his Twitter at least once every hour about the most stupid and insightful crap. May be worth following.

I love Dlisted! Best line: “Now whenever Jenny sees a blue ass bird flying by, she’s going to throw a rock or shoe at it. A damn bird stole her man!

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Link: Rapping Flight Attendent!

Boring safety instructions that I almost always ignore.. It’s always nice when they make an effort!
Passenger view: youtube

Clearer version:

(In related videos, there’s one titled “stewardess” that actually has a Caucasian dude rapping. So awkward…)

LOL what a stereotype affirmation. I’ve had a similar presentation before:

Another one, not really clear:

I once was on a bus where the bus driver gave a pilot’s parting message. They don’t deserve to be spat on :(

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Link: Ciara ft JT – Love Sex Magic

Not a particular fan of either of them nor stripper moves, but I love the use of lines and patterns to emphasize Ciara’s form. (Checker stockings, strips of light, colour blocks…) Seems like someone paid attention in art class!

In other celebrity news, Kanye is literally plastered. This is so effin’ retarded.

via Dlisted

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Link: I am preparing their tombstones.

New low, Lohan

No shit I can write this, but I’d slap myself for filming it.

“Family too fat to work” asks for more welfare

They want money because they’re too fat to work. One is claiming disability benefits due to asthma and different sicknesses as a result of obesity. Lose some weight people! You are worse than those people who gamble their money away. I’d rather help homeless people than help you. You don’t deserve help.

Crocs is dying

Don’t even bother clicking.

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