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CBS reporter Lara Logan assaulted in Egypt: CBS News

This was the first news I heard this morning and it really disturbed me. I usually wake up to Hong Kong’s local news but I switched to TVB Pearl for CBS late night news for international reporting and I find that American journalism is much more graphic. The segment on Lara Logan was a short statement – which I respected and found had a greater impact than the teary-eyed testimonies that followed of female soldiers being sexually assaulted on duty by male colleagues and the army turning a blind eye. I lived in the bubble of HK and Canadian media and four years of Comm studies could not compare to the three minutes that made me fully recognize the American Terror Tactic.

There are more issues to discuss, but back to work in my shallow, commercial city…


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Easter Brunch at Home, Part I

What a BEAUTIFUL day!! Once I stepped out, it was hot and slightly stuffy and reminded me of good ol’ Hong Kong. A perfect 25*C, super sunny but slightly overcast and breezy hinting a brewing storm.

Walked across the street to my friend’s to make pancakes and eggs Benedict. I whipped up my frat-boy style hollandaise sauce (mayo + hint of mustard + water) for the poached eggs which were perfectly wobbly and round. Then we mixed up some pancake mix with frozen blueberries… which was a bad idea because all the ice and berries melted and the pancakes became a toxic-blue goo in the pan. I imagine it would make a great Halloween dish. Instead, we made fluffy banana pancakes from scratch! We added sliced strawberries and sieved some icing sugar on top. It was restaurant quality and picture perfect. The only fault of this brunch was we had milk rather than juice!

The lack of juice only inspired us for an epic Easter Sunday brunch and afternoon… stay tuned! Pics will come soon :)

Happy long weekend everyone!
Recipe for cuteless - 1/2 a cup of live bunny. (From CuteOverload.com)

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GBC Gourmet Burger Company – Great Big, er, Disappointment

The Anticipation

I have been looking forward to visit the Gourmet Burger Company! And boy oh boy, was it a disappointment! Offering lamb burger and a variety of cheeses as toppings available may be gourmet, but the patty and bun are the primary elements that make the burger and they were unsatisfactory.

The Order

I visited during a Saturday for a late lunch/early supper in between appointments. It was an odd time of the day to eat so the joint was empty. I ordered the Lamb Burger with tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers,  and GBC sauce. I ordered the combo with fries and a soft drink, for a grand total of $12 and some change. The service was pretty good – I went to the washroom while waiting for my order and my friend, and the cashier had placed my order at my seat. Please suffer through my blurry pics – I didn’t want to be so obvious being the only customer, so I used my phone and didn’t wait for it to focus.

Gourmet Burger Company - Lamb burger

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Communications student with international experience chooses to work in Toronto

March 15, 2010 – Toronto, Canada – The year 2009 has been tough to not only the finance and manufacturing industries, but it is especially depressing for its graduates competing with newly unemployed seniors. One of them is choosing to stay in Toronto to tough it out, even when a management position is waiting for her back home. Continue reading

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Macarons and Japanese cakes

La Bamboche – A chef combines Eastern flavours with Western desserts

Lemon Macaron. I love citrusy stuff – it was sooooo good. Not too sweet, and still fresh from a 30 min commute.

Half eaten Lemon Macaron, with its travel companion Vanilla Macaron. I usually don’t have a preference for vanilla or regular cream pastries, but this was really good too. The vanilla scent was very rich and not artificial at all.

Inside the box…

Three pieces of cake!

Actually, 2 pieces of cake and one half eaten eclair, lol. The eclair was heavenly. This was the best eclair filling I’ve ever had. The chocolate flavour was rich, and not too sweet nor fatty.

Next to it is the Green Tea and Sesame mousse cake with crunchy base. Again, key word — rich. You can taste the matcha and black sesame flavours individually. The base was a graham cracker like base, only crunchier. I wonder what exactly it is!

Last of all, the Strawberry Lavendar mousse cake. This was quite special. I’ve only tried lavendar teas and Taiwanese lavender milk-tea drinks before, never a cake. The top layer was slightly sour & tarty, but in the good way. There were actually chunks of mushy strawberries , which I guess are preserved ones, like the type you find in jam. The lavendar layer tasted very unique. The two flavours accompanied each other really well. My sister speculated that the piece of twig on top is thyme, and that it was probably mixed into the lavendar mousse. The base was made of fluffy brown cake.

I would like to try the red wine and sake macarons if I get the chance!

Conclusion: La Bamboche – Pricey at $4-$5 per piece (around the size of a ring box), but you are paying for quality organic ingredients, culinary school technique and presentation, and rich flavours in special combinations. Go there when you deserve a treat :)

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omg shoes

Shoes: This, this, or this?
Here are some sneaky pics:

Candidate #1:

Candidate #2:

Candidate #3

Leaning towards 3 b/c : versatile, comfortable for its height, and easy to slip on w/o annoying unbuckling/rebuckling. I already have a pair of flat gold/metallic sandals that can substitute for gladiators, thus eliminating #1. #2 doesn’t seem very versatile; cork + wedge seem a bit too casual. I don’t own many heels that feel comfortable enough to walk around in. I think I’ve made up my mind?

Shopping for me involves so many considerations! That’s why I’ve got so little stuff to switch around in. So I’ve decided to buy a pair of “seasonal” shoes, instead of only buying things I’m sure I’ll wear for 10 years. Later, Miss Granny Chan showed me this:

Watermelon Vans. As Granny said, “I would pay for these shoes if you dare to wear them out.” Seems like something Mr. Cow would appreciate. Ridiculous shoes remind me of Mr. Hedgehog’s “Bumblebee” sneakers back in high school. Reeboks or Nikes or whatever. Meh guy sneakers. Gonna shop more after my exam!! Got some DIY in mind. Now, have to continue not procrastinating and finish that thesis crap.

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Spring eating!

Old post, forgot to publish!

What’s this?Assorted egg based tarts custard tarts and egg based chocolate tarts; topped with pecans, almonds, banana slices, apple wedges, and semi sweet chocolate chunks.

Of course, I didn’t do a thing. My sis made it for her dinner party and I got the leftovers :P

Healthy brunch. Going into fish addiction!!

Grilled/pan seared salmon fillet strip on blanched baby spinach. Poached egg on buttered wheat toast.

The salmon was delicious – required absolutely no seasoning. The leftover oil in the pan can be used to sautee mushrooms so they can absorb all the flavour. Mmm fishy fungus. hahaa
I bought a strip of salmon fillet the size of a small keyboard, only having portions the width of a ruler each time. Still, I managed to finish half in 2-3 days before my sis got to it. She resorted to putting a post it on the ziploc box containing last remaining strip, with MINE written in Sharpie.

Also, I planned on making my usual Eggs Benedict but didn’t have English muffins. (Tip to yummier muffins: smear butter as usual, but pan fry instead of toasting. Mmmmmm.) I also had to make hollandaise sauce from scratch:

LOL. It works! Hollandaise sauce is based on fat, which you can get from mayo. Just add a dot of mustard and a dash of lemon juice, mix it all together, then you get what I consider “frat boy’s” version of hollandaise sauce. It is much more appealing than watching yourself put a fist size amount of butter to mix with the powder form.

Sigh to poor lighting in kitchen + lack of photography knowledge with digital camera. Must ask le BF.
Next: I want to try make fish tacos!

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