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So, About that video of a Chinese Professor calling Hong Kongers “Dogs” and “Bastards”…

The year of the Rabbit has not brought a gentle mood to Hong Kong. Blow after blow of incidents heightened the tension between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Here are recent news stories and personal experiences that happened recently:

–         Mainland pregnant women exploit Hong Kong’s overloaded emergency rooms and delivery wards just so they can birth a child into Hong Kong residence status. They cross the border during the final moments of pregnancy, putting themselves and their children in danger and straining Hong Kong’s under resourced hospitals. <SCMP>

–         On Jan 5th, a staff from the D&G store at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Canton Road denied Hong Kongers from photographing the store but allowed mainlanders to, subsequently leading to a protest outside the store:  <Yahoo news>

–         Over the weekend I watched the film A Beautiful Life (不再讓你孤單), a stereotype of Hong Kong vs China characters.

–         Today, a video has gone viral on Facebook amongst Hong Kongers, showing a Mandarin television talk show of a Professor calling Hong Kongers dogs and bastards

The video that has gone viral: Mainland Chinese Televsion: Hongkonger are dogs 中國電視台: 香港人係狗 (Mandarin with English subtitles)

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Porn for Cooking Enthusiasts

“Kitchen Odyssey” – TV commercial for Lurpak Butter. As an appreciator of food and arts, this is stimulating to all my senses.

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Back and Forth

At first, what shocked me most was how phrases did not make sense and what they said at the bottom of the scrolled text. When an advertisement tells me this is the end of publishing – the two true loves in my life up against each other – my heart shatters. Then, I had more questions as I began tracking down the origin of this brilliant idea.

Books Are Dead (Books Are Not Dead)

It is clever, but as Buzzfeed commenter pointed out, the following video came first. I’m all for parodies and allusions, Continue reading

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Eminem’s face + crotch plant

For those who have always wanted to shove Eminem’s face into something nasty:

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What is this

Too weird.

I tried to find out more about this Pygmy Jerboa creature, but there are so many variations. They all look similar to my favourite kangaroo rat, only k.r. is cuter and p.j.s are more alien like.

A poem on Pygmy Jerboas:

Pygmy Jerboas are rodents
about the size of a penny,
which look surprisingly evil
and frankly quite scary.

“I’m gonna eat out your brain.”

Its cousin the Long Eared Jerboa is sooooooooo much cuter.

My fav Kangaroo Rat, which I learned of from the Magic School Bus

Please take care of the environment, because there are so many creatures that depend on it!

“If all the insects on earth disappeared, within fifty years all life on earth would disappear. If all humans disappeared, within fifty years all species would flourish as never before.” — Jonas Salk


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No thanks.


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Whack A Kitty!

I think le BF wants to whack them with a hammer to prevent further multiplication of the evil feline race.

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