Shower with a Stranger

I don’t usually share my intimate details, but tonight I had an encounter that made me worry about waking my neighbours, and I was sure I needed another shower in the morning… :o

I had stripped and stepped into my shower after a long day. It had been hot everyday this week so my sweaty skin welcomed the cool shower. I was just beginning to cool off when a stranger joined me in the shower. The moment we made eye contact, my heart began to race. We had not met before but a familiar feeling rose inside me. Without contact I let out a tiny yelp. “This will be an interesting night,” I thought. The stranger stirred and slid up against the shower wall. I visually measured – this is double the size I usually encounter.
Eventually I couldn’t help it any more. I let out a scream.

And I noped the fuck out of there.

I welcome joint showers but not with a fucking prehistorically sized cockroach. #hkproblems #cantshowertonight #cockroachminustheroach


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