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Choice or Convenience?: in Technology and Relationships

Would you choose freedom of choice or convenience? The Wired had written an article about the surviving form of the internet which spoke loudly to me, not just about the state of the internet:

“Openness is a wonderful thing in the nonmonetary economy of peer production. But eventually our tolerance for the delirious chaos of infinite competition finds its limits. Much as we love freedom and choice, we also love things that just work, reliably and Continue reading


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More or Less: What is the internet doing?

During my courses in Communication Studies, we repeated the theme of many paradoxes of communication and media nowadays. I began to wonder about how 20 years later of the internet…  (and here you can follow my train of thought):

We are more resourceful… but less productive.
We are often unconscious of what we do online. How many hours do we kill surfing funny sites and playing online games? Most of our friends on social networking sites are usually people we’ve met. We find out more about global catastrophes and issues, so we join Facebook groups, but how many of us get up and make an impact? Or even a $1 donation?

We experience more… but live less. aka Been there, but not really done that.
We know what the 7 Wonders of the World look like but we don’t even want to step out of our rooms. Teenagers get images of sex and alcohol binging before they are ready. Unrealistic expectations have solidified in their own rooms; it becomes life as they know it and want to live.

We connect more… but bond less.
The main topic discussed in lectures: global communication, yet greater isolation. Continue reading

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Awkward Family Photo

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Son Fail. Dad Win.

This entire generation needs to go offline, goddammit.


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A Lady with a Camel head

The Cuchini:

That shit will set you back $15 for two pads. Once you have your Cuchini pads, just place it over your hungry-hungry-hippo-cooze and voila! No camel toe. You will go from looking like a biological female with organic vagina lips to looking like you’ve got an 8″ dick tucked into your ass crack. Fatty crotch to tranny crotch in a matter of seconds! >>

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Link: Rap Chop and Twitter Creeper

Getting these little ones off to school. I didn’t recognize the bus driver this morning. Or the bus. Looked more like a van, reaOH MY GOD.


DJ Steve Porter is one hella self promoter. I’m sure he’s getting so many more hits and album sales. Wait until the copyright lawsuits come heading his way!

… and my favourite comments with two thumbs up from me.:

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i have a boring tuna :(

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Ah, this is great, makes me want to punch a hooker in the face.

If only analyzing data was that easy :(

Update: SO WRONG

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cutest Bash quote of the day:


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