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Within the past 48 hours, I completed two research papers – one from scratch – and survived on a total of 7 hours of sleep. Strangely, these were the closest to all-nighters that I’ve had in my final year. Maybe that shows I’m a good student? O:-D

One of my research papers is a full on scientific experimental study. I am a double major student, and one of those majors is Psychology. Honour students at my school need to conduct a study and write a research paper to graduate. This was probably my only major fear in my post secondary career. I went through some difficulties, and I panicked like maaaaaaaaad – near hyperventilating, near tears, near suicidal. When you’re trying to run a statistical program and you don’t understand stuff, seeing this on wiki does not help:


This is so cliche, but it really described how I felt in the split second my 50 pages of work were done printing — empty. Mind says: “So… that’s it?”


I am done.


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Wait for me…

Dear sweetest, cutest, most cheerful Isaac with the sneakiest smirk,

Please don’t grow up. I haven’t seen you crawl or walk around yet. By the time I’m back in Hong Kong, you won’t even know who I am. Will you still smile at everyone and let anyone hold you? :'(
I can’t tell time any more. I have no idea how old I am or am supposed to act. Catching glimpses of you will remind me how I am less and less a child any more. Growing up is kinda scary. Especially when you don’t have many things to remind you how it was like being little. Moving and house renovations cut off memory cues. Thanks to your granny and aunties, I will always feel like a kid when I visit their home. When I see you again, I will make sure I treat you as my baby as your mommy has treated me like her own.

Your big cousin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I intended to just post and show off my uber cute cousin… but I didn’t realize how much I missed all my family. If being a cousin feels like this, I can’t imagine how mothers feel. These are some of the things I am giving up by trying to be a responsible grownup and finding work away from home. A late Happy Mother’s Day to aunties and gran. I’m sorry I can’t say it directly because I’m too Chinese like that.


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iz hapeez todai. had Popeye’s fried chikun and browneez fur dinnah. wuz very produktiv too. and see post beeloh! gnitez

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me: i want fries
i want food from thisiswhyyourefat.com
i had lots of bread but kinda wana eat

PL: what do u want to eeaaattttttt

me: i said frrieess
cheese, bacon, potato skin potato wedges
too bad Milestone’s offer isnt today =/

PL: what the faaatt


Seriously, this is me inside:

Shit, I need to claim whatthefat.com. Um… check out WTF on blogger if you wanaa….

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Link: Boobs – Perky, Saggy, Extraordinary

Denise Richards’ Funbags!!

Sheyla Hershey is plastic surgery crazy – going from FFF cup to KKK to MMM, causing her to have a heart problem and another procedure complicates her pregnancy. >>

After the fact that a walrus knows how to dance more than me, an 83 year old granny pulls moves like this. *wimpers in a corner* >>

In other news, Geocities is closing!! Yes, erase all evidence of pages I’ve created back around Y2K!!

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Another reason I have nothing to complain about in this world.
I’m such a sucker for emotional advertisements.

>> via

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It kills me to write about myself.

I figured my list on Facebook wasn’t very legit and kept thinking of things to add! So I’ll keep track of them here, 10 at a time.

  1. I’m a stickler for proper English. “your stupid”… stupid what? (If you didn’t get that, don’t bother)
  2. I like being a teacher. Out of my generation of cousins, I’m the oldest so I’m always the teacher when played school. Later, I thought being a teacher would be cool because I’d get all the holidays and – if I was an International school teacher, all the benefits too!
  3. The part of my body that I am proudest of is…. my ribcage. Kiddiinnggg hahahaha so anorexic. Actually they’re my fingertips/ fingernails. They’re so perfectly shaped and curved :D
  4. When I am conversing online, I laugh a lot textually.
  5. Sometimes, when I see something funny online, my mind says, “LOL” as in the letters themselves… ell oh ell.
  6. I just realized recently that my textual laughing could be quite intimidating, actually. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  7. I have a lot of internal conflicts, big and small. e.g., I want to go into advertising, but I don’t want to promote materialism. I guess that’s an extra thing you learned about me.
  8. I won awards for speech contests…

    … they were for Chinese school during the weekends, and the other kids can barely speak Cantonese properly.

  9. I don’t like talking about myself because I feel it is conceited. Having a blog based on my preferences and me in general is a contradiction. See #7. I feel like an arachnophobia staring at a dead tarantula, waiting for it to come back alive any second now.
  10. I love to organize things. I estimate that I rearrange my room once a month and my closet 4x a year, at least. If I type notes, I want to make sure that I won’t be left with a page with only 1/4 filled. That wastes paper!
  11. Bonus, included for next time: I am prone to being environmentally friendly.

Final thing about me.. I am jealous that this walrus can do ballroom dancing. The world is so unfair.

— written Mar 26

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