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A Romantic Rant against Technology

Language has become vulgar. Romance is rare. Courting has evolved to one night stands.

One thing to blame is the advance of technology and how it reduced waiting time. Super markets, text messaging, contraception are all products and enablers of instantaneous materialistic, communicative, and sexual satisfaction.They have provided convenience but challenged a balanced and sustained lifestyle. Preserved and over seasoned produce vs. fresh goods from the local butcher. Unconsciously typed messages (you know you can multitask) vs. carefully selected words and tidy calligraphy. I am not discrediting the skills required in the modern alternatives, but don’t you miss the times when a pursuer can’t read about all your likes and history on one page, and they make an effort to find out what you liked? Or making plans to have a nice dinner a week in advance instead of meeting up wherever convenient through Whatsapp?

Tom Ford, when reflecting on the present, said: Continue reading


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Back and Forth

At first, what shocked me most was how phrases did not make sense and what they said at the bottom of the scrolled text. When an advertisement tells me this is the end of publishing – the two true loves in my life up against each other – my heart shatters. Then, I had more questions as I began tracking down the origin of this brilliant idea.

Books Are Dead (Books Are Not Dead)

It is clever, but as Buzzfeed commenter pointed out, the following video came first. I’m all for parodies and allusions, Continue reading

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Link: 1 woman, 8 hilarious characters

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