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Porn for Cooking Enthusiasts

“Kitchen Odyssey” – TV commercial for Lurpak Butter. As an appreciator of food and arts, this is stimulating to all my senses.


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Link: Tragedy

Ad browsing again. This one made me chuckle. So simple! >>


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Link: Silly, Pretty, Porny

LOL Doc Oc likes Jonas Brothers! or as we say it in Spanish, Wuanas Brothers. See the works by Ian Pool
>> source

Speaking of teen idols, this picture is just too pretty.

*gag* Speaking of pretty-almost-gay dudes, this shot of Chuck from is very… how do you say.. like ze porn?

GG’s plot is very environmentally friendly — it reuses and recycles the same impulsive decisions, jumping to conclusions, and same old relationships/ pairings over and over again. I guess it’s just like high school when everyone’s boyfriends and girlfriends are recycled, non?

Speaking of erotica, this song must have been the origin of promiscuity and underwearlessness.

I just bought a pair of short shorts!

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Link: Hot Air Balloons

Gorgeous. Gorgeous music, gorgeous video. Snoop Dogg makes good recommendations.

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Peel Peel!

Peel-Peel! get it?

For the Banana & movie fan. You’ll see this if you would check my blog. So not linking to your blog man. I’m linking to Sha‘s, her’s + Euge’s, and Kurodo’s if it didn’t shut down launched. They’re so much more interesting and un-recycled links that I shared…

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Link: Ciara ft JT – Love Sex Magic

Not a particular fan of either of them nor stripper moves, but I love the use of lines and patterns to emphasize Ciara’s form. (Checker stockings, strips of light, colour blocks…) Seems like someone paid attention in art class!

In other celebrity news, Kanye is literally plastered. This is so effin’ retarded.

via Dlisted

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Start > Program > Accessories > Paint

I promised to show the painting of my Cupcakes on a Spaceship dream. I pretty much ruined the painting by using gray that was too dark. But, I’ll upload the tray of cupcakes with the red/pink oven mitts:

The red blob on the right is part of the red table cloth

And while I had leftover reds, I decided to do a pink themed page. What goes better in pink than tutus?

and there were some leftover yellows too:

I think this is the most delicious looking thing I’ve ever painted!

I don’t care if I paint like a 7 year old. Next up: an entry on food :9

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